Introducing – TWISTED TALK!

Are you obsessed with the Maryland Twisters? Well so are we! 

We proudly introduce TWISTED TALK our very own podcast! 


Welcome to our very first ever podcast! Check out Coach Chad and Coach Mitchell throughout the season as they breakdown the season and all things Maryland Twisters.

Episode ONE:

Chad and Mitchell break down the post season and talk try outs for the upcoming season.

At our post season showcase NINE of our teams performed preparing for the Cheerleading Worlds and the Summit. Five of which HIT CLUB ZERO!

Reviewing the teams, Mitchell calls out Cobalt as the most entertaining team of the evening. Even though he admits he might be biased, since he is their coach.

Chad calls Cyclones the premier team of the showcase! He loves that Coach Shonte and Coach Alyssa are the type of coaches that bring the village in to help make their team the best they can be. Mitchell is impressed with their choreography changes and their precision in standing tumbling.

Both Chad and Mitchell agree that Eye is the most driven team in the gym! Mitchell points out that they have the most new skill bell rings out of any other team this season!

They both see Supercells and Velocity as the hungriest athletes in the gym. They know that they are the future of Maryland Twisters.

Chad admits that Reign holds a special place in his heart. He believes that they have turned into true gentlemen and ladies of this sport.

They point out that Blackout is a first year team and the athletes on this team are not only going to be leaders in cheerleading but also leaders in the real world!

Both Mitchell and Chad agree that the standout performers of the night were the ladies of Sirens and the queens of F5. Mitchell makes other athletes watch Sirens to learn what performing is all about. And Chad believes that F5 can shut the house down at any given moment.

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