Our tumbling program is different than most. Not only so we use the class style approach over open tumbling, but we take an approach closely related to gymnastics training. We build the athlete’s confidence through basics and drills to solidify the building blocks of advanced skills and specialty passes. This allows for a quick, safe, and independent progression program for each athlete that walks in the door.

Whether an athlete is learning to tumble just for fun, recreation, high school, or to become a part of our Allstar Program, we have a tumbling class for them! Each athlete is evaluated and placed in an appropriate skill level class, where a skill checklist is used as a guide to motivate progression to new levels.

Each class consists of a warm-up, basic tumbling, circuit drills, conditioning, and running tumbling for the more advanced classes. We consider everyone a unique athlete and create drills specific to each athlete’s needs. As in all sports, practice is the key to succeed, but for tumbling it is also attention from a coach. We like to keep our class ratios low to ensure your athlete gets the most out of the class!
Feel free to stop by and watch a class in action!

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Fallston Classes
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Whiteford Classes
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