Private lessons are available to give more time and attention in helping to develop an athlete’s skills. Coaches have more time to make corrections in technique, and students have more one on one time to make corrections and master their skills. Private lessons for tumbling, stunting, dancing and jumps are available.

Maryland Twisters offers Private Lessons to both Members and Non-Members. All non-member athletes will be required to pay a $30 membership fee when you attend your first Private lesson. This fee is renews on the 1st of June regardless of when you join. Each athlete must have a signed registration and release form on file in order to participate.

No Show Policy
The general policy is if you cancel prior to 48 hours to the start time, no fee is charged.
If cancelled within 48 hours there is a 50% charge of the private fee (unless private was replaced with another athlete).
No shows are still required to pay for private in FULL.

Private Lessons – Tumbling, Stretching, Jumps, Dance, Conditioning, Flexibility
Semi and Group Privates must be of the same skill level
Member Pricing

Single Semi – 2 Athletes Group – 3+ Athletes
30 Minute $35 Unavailable Unavailable
45 Minute $50 $55 Unavailable
60 Minute $60 $65 $30 per person
90 Minute $70 $75 $35 per person


Stunting Private Lessons – Single Flyer/Base Technique, Partner Stunting, Group Stunting
Groups must have a minimum of 1 flyer, 2 bases, and a Coach
Member Pricing

Technique Partner Group
30 Minute $35 $45 Unavailable
45 Minute $50 $55 Unavailable
60 Minute $60 $65 $30 per person
90 Minute Unavailable Unavailable $40 per person


Payment is due at the time of service, directly to the Coach providing the Private Lessons. Please discuss payment options with the Coach.

All other Private Lesson types, please email or call 443.686.9131