All Star Teams in Maryland

The Maryland Twisters offers various allstar teams in Maryland.

Full Year Allstar Elite Teams in Maryland

Our All Star Elite program is our signature program!

In the past this program has been known as our Full Year Teams. Elite teams will practice 2 days a week and Worlds teams will practice 3 days a week. Schedules will be available after team placement.

Our All Star Elite athletes will mostly compete at two day events where bids to the post season are awarded. Teams will travel based on their competitiveness on the national circuit, not necessarily because of level. All Star Elite teams typically compete at 6-8 events in a season. Teams can plan on attending 2-3 travel events a year, not including the post season. Travel events may be in state or out of state.

The season runs from June through April and the post season ends in early May. Pricing will vary based on level. Team Tumbling is included in the cost of Tuition.

Try Out Info for 2020-2021!

Special Athletes

The Maryland Twisters take great pride in our Special Athletes cheer program. Our teams provide athletes the opportunity to compete and exhibition in their own division alongside their peers at all-star cheerleading venues. They perform an all-star routine just like any other team, choreographed with stunting, tumbling and dance.

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