Maryland Twisters Policies and Procedures 

We have created the Maryland Twisters Chain of Command to help streamline communication between our coaching staff and parents. If you ever have a question or run into any issues please use the following Chain of Command. Email communication is the preferred method.
  • Team Rep
  • Team Coach
  • Head Cheer/Tumble Coach
  • Gym Owner


Attendance Policy

Accepting a position on a team at Maryland Twisters requires your child to be here. Your child is on a team and is needed at practice for the team to be successful.

Excessive absences will affect our child’s role on a team. Examples include changing stunt position, tumbling position, or removal from the program. This is at the coach’s discretion. A child can be removed from a team at any given time based on attendance. Repeated absences are grounds for dismissal from the program. A master attendance log is kept throughout the year to record all absences and the nature of the absence.

All summer absences due to family visitation rights must be made known immediately.

You may not be absent during mandatory camps and events.

ALL absences will be counted, including a contagious illness with a doctor’s note, sickness/cramps, school related functions that reflect a grade, death in the family, jobs, social events (dances, birthday parties, concerts, banquets, family reunions, weddings, etc.) school projects/homework/ tests, SAT/ACT tests, high school sports practices or events, and college visits.

High School Cheer Athletes: Coaches need your full cheer schedule immediately. We encourage balance between your allstar and high school commitments. Please continue to communicate with your Maryland Twisters coaches.

No vacations are allowed in April for Worlds and Summit teams.



Lateness to practice:
Each athlete is allowed to be up to 15 minutes late 3 times a month. each additional lateness or lateness greater than 30 minutes will be charged $10 per occurrence.
Late Pick Up
Parents have a 15 minute grace period to pick up their athlete. For each additional 15 minutes beyond the grace period, you will be charged a $10 late fee.


Product Ambassadors/Industry Spokesmodels

(i.e., Infinity Legends, Varsity Fashion/Fashionista, Epic Athletes, etc.)
Any athlete who is invited by an industry vendor to be a spokesperson/model MUST get Tara Rall’s approval BEFORE signing any industry vendor contract and MUST submit a list of specific appearance dates required by the industry vendor prior to any athlete signing. Tara Rall reserves the right to disallow any dates that conflict with Twisters practices, choreography, camps, and competitions. Failure to adhere to this policy is grounds for dismissal from the team.


Travel Expectations 

Parents will provide airfare reservations for their athlete. Airfare itineraries must be given to the Team Rep prior to departure.


All athletes are required to arrive at Travel Events no later than 3:00 pm on Friday. NO EXCEPTIONS.


If your team regularly practices on Thursday night, you MAY NOT make airline reservations for Thursday!!! Your team WILL have practice before National and travel competitions. Teams may also have extra practices held Friday night at the away competition, as well as at the home gym if the competition is drivable. Be sure to consider this before making travel arrangements


Mandatory Extra Practices

Extra Practices may be called before big events. If you miss these practices your account will be charged a $75 Mandatory Practice Fee.


Financial Information
Tuition and Allstar Fee payments are due on the 1st of the month. You have a grace period until the 10th of the month. After that, you will be charged a $25 late fee.


Everyone is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED sign up for FACTS, an auto-payment service. All tuition and allstar fee payments processed through FACTS. You will receive more information at a later date. Failure to have your monthly payments processed through FACTS will result in an additional administrative monthly fee of $15. Parents may request a change to their scheduled FACTS payment 2 times per season at no cost. Any change requests after that will be processed at an additional processing fee of $15 per change.


If your FACTS payment returns 3 times, you will be taken off the FACTS system and will be subject to the $15 administrative monthly fee. In addition, your payments will be due on the first of each month in cash or credit card only. After the 10th of the month, a late fee of $25 will automatically be charged to your account.


Inconvenience Fee – Any athlete quitting during or after August 1st will be charged a $500 Quit Inconvenience Fee nd will not be refunded any monies paid. The athlete will also be required to pay any current balance on their account. This includes tuition, Allstar fees, Worlds fees, Summit fees, or any fees associated with award events. Athletes who decline an alternate position are also subject to the Inconvenience Quit Fee.



ALL fundraisers must be approved by and coordinated through the Booster Club. Summit fundraisers will be approved by Karla on a case by case basis.


Fundraising Credits: If you want any fundraising credits applied to your tuition or to FACTS, email Stacie at with instructions to apply the credit to your FACTS account. Please keep in mind that FACTS requires 2 full business days in order to make these changes. Otherwise the credit will remain on your gym account.
If you are fundraising and paying at the gym instead of using FACTS, you WILL be charged the $15 administrative monthly fee regardless of whether or not your account is current or you carry a balance. Additionally, your payments are still due by the 1st of the month regardless of whether or not your fundraising money has come in.