Classes in Virginia

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Twisters Allstars Virginia offers classes in Sterling, Virginia for all ages and talent levels. We focus on training in each of the important categories in cheerleading: tumbling, jumps, stunting, and more!

We create our class schedule with you in mind! Our classes offer something for everyone at the most convenient times for our busy families. Classes are session (2 month) enrollments.

Class Descriptions:

Preteam –  Beginner cheerleading for ages 3-5, must be potty trained.

Let’s get Tumbling  – This is a beginner class designed for athletes with no experience.

Walkovers –This class is for athletes looking to learn and master their walkover skills.

Level up to 2 – This is a class designed for athletes who have cheered on a level 1 team and are ready to take it to the next level.

Handsprings – This class is for athletes who have mastered their front and back walkovers and are ready to work on back handsprings.

Level up to 3 – This class is designed for athletes who have cheered on a level 2 team and are ready to take it to the next Level.

All things Tucks – This class is for athletes that have mastered their round off back handspring series and are ready to work tucks, and for athletes that are looking to work on their standing tucks.

Tucks and Layouts – This class is designed for athletes looking to perfect their tucks and layouts.  Athletes should already have mastered the round off back handspring series to join.

Level 3-4 –  This class will focus on all tumbling for levels 3 and 4. Athletes should already have their tuck on the floor but it does not need to be mastered.

Level up to 4 – This class is designed for athletes that have cheered on a level 3 team and are looking to take it to the next level.

Advanced tumbling (Layout Minimum requirement) – This higher level class is for athletes that already have a layout and are looking to work twisting skills.

Level 5-6 – This class is for athletes that already have a full and are working level 5-6 skills.

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Typically, the number of classes each month will range between 3 and 5, averaging 4 per month. Tuition rates WILL vary based on the number of classes in a given month. A month that has 3 classes will be $48.75, 4 classes will be $65.00, and 5 classes will be $81.25. Class tuition is not based on attendance as it simply reserves your spot in the class.

Enroll anytime (space permitting). If after the first class you are not satisfied in any way, email us within 24 hours and we will refund your tuition.

For a class missed due to weather-related gym closings, the athlete will be issued a credit on their iClass account for that day. For a class missed due to extra team practices or competitions on the Maryland Twisters competition schedule, the athlete will receive a credit on their iClass account once the coach or Staff Adviser verifies the schedule change.


Due to Covid, Open Gym has been postponed for the time being.



Athletes may “drop-in” to any tumble class an unlimited number of times as long as there are openings in the class.  To “drop-in” to a tumble class please call the office no earlier than an hour before the class begins to see if there is space available. Athletes that want to register for the full session have first priority. If there is space available, the office will “drop” the athlete’s name into the class, however, they will not be fully rostered (able to join the class) until you sign into your iClass account and pay the drop-in rate. Also, please note, if an athlete would like to drop into a class that begins at 8:00pm, you must contact the office no later than 7:45pm.

Drop-in spaces are available on a first-come basis.

Price: $22 per class

This is a great way to participate in our tumbling classes without having to commit to the entire 2 month session.

We DO NOT allow drop-ins for stunt classes.